1.2 The domestic market:


For Cooking at home  reduce electricity expense

For Power outages 

For Lower income and off the grid households 

      replace paraffin, gas, coal or electricity

For Construction contractors  

      with resident workers on site.

For the Fire place, coal or anthracite stoves 

Iziko briquettes and nuts are the safer, greener and cheaper way to cook.

It is more economical than paraffin, gas, electricity, coal or anthracite.

Easy and safe to use!














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The greener, safer, cheaper way to cook and braai!


Iziko briquettes and nuts are versatile products that can be use in many

charcoal burning devices with sufficient airflow.

This includes: the more traditional units like ceramic stoves, Jikos

and drum-heaters, rocket stoves, commercially available brands,

anthracite stoves, potjiekos (cast iron pot) units and IZIKO stoves.

IZIKO is the sustainable fuel for everyday use.



1.1 The outdoor lifestyle market:


For Camping

For Hiking

For 4x4 Adventures

For Fishing or Boating

For Biking


For Making your favourite potjie (cast iron pot cooking)

For Braaiing (barbeque)


The briquettes and stoves are light and compact, ideal for travelling. It is more convenient than charcoal, wood or gas, easy to ignite and provides heat for an average of 2.5 to 4 hours for cooking and heating. 

Charcoal briquettes provide cooking heat for 1 to 2 hours.

flame-14-june.gif flame-14-june.gif