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About IZIKO 
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About IZIKO 

Iziko Fuel Briquettes are produced by Izikofuel (Pty) Ltd. The name derives from the Xhosa

 name for fireplace or hearth, the place in the house  where people gather.


Iziko Solid Fuel is a solid fuel briquette consisting of coal and other additives with perforations

 or holes through the briquette matrix and can be used as a general fuel source for domestic use.


These voids generate aeration for combustion, and therefore sufficient oxygen for complete combustion. This method of using perforated solid fuel briquettes generates less smoke,

 burns cleaner and hotter and has more surface area exposed to oxygen.

Improved air flow is achieved during combustion.


The fuel tablet works more effectively in a device, such as a simple stove.

Coal and charcoalis the obvious main constituent for this locally manufactured product,

due to its abundance and the availability of coal waste streams from mines.

Charcoal is produced from alien vegetation, like black wattle trees.

All the components of Iziko Solid Fuel are sourced from waste stream by-products in order to

 save the environment by reducing the amount of waste material that has to be disposed of.



 For Cooking, Heating & Braai (Barbeque)

Ignites with a match

 No fire lighter needed


Provides heat on average

for 2 and a half hours plus

 Depending on the size of

the briquette

 Depending on the type of

stove used


Surface temperature of 360 degrees celsius  



 Less Smoke, Lower Emissions


Manufactured using

waste stream coal and alien vegetation


More economical than

Paraffin, Gas & Electricity

IZIKO Solid Fuel can be used

in an IZIKO Stove

or any other charcoal

burning device for cooking

IZIKO Solid Fuel can be used

in an IZIKO Stove

or any other charcoal

burning device for cooking