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About IZIKO 

Stoves: The range currently consists of two stoves, the Biker and the Camper.


The Biker is made of tin and is currently the smallest stove available .

It is ideal for traveling and can be used with enamel pots, pans and kettles.

Lid and grid included. Handle detachable for better storage and transport.


The Camper is also made of tin and more suitable for families. Ideal for use with enamel pots,

pans and kettles. Lid and grid included. Handle detachable for better storage and travel.

Heater Basket: The Iziko Nuts are burned inside the basket for heating purposes.

It can also be used for cooking. It provides heat for an average of 6 hours.

Iziko Nuts: The nuts are packaged in 1kg bags that are suitable for use in the Heater Basket. Included with this is a medium briquette to ensure ignition.


The nuts are also packed in a 700g bag with small puck for use in the EcoZoom

and other rocket stoves.


The nuts can also be purchased in 10kg bags that are suitable for use in coal and anthracite

stoves or the fire place. It is recommended that an Iziko briquette always be used for ignition.



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Iziko briquette : Available in two sizes small and large.


The charcoal briquettes are produced from charcoal, igniters and binders and contains no coal. The Iziko charcoal briquettes are suitable for braaing (barbeque). 


The small briquette is 95mm by 45mm, weighing on average 170g and the large briquette is 150mm by 45mm, weighing on average 400g. It is therefore ideal for hikers and bikers; it is small, compact and lightweight.The small briquette can also be used in rocket stoves like the Ecozoom, in conjunction with Iziko nuts.


The large briquette  is 150mm by 45mm and is suitable for use in the Camper stove.

Briquettes  can also be used in other commercially available stoves and potjiekos (cast iron pot)

units with sufficient airflow.


Products Available:

Super Igniter: This medium briquette efficiently ignite anthracite, coal, wet wood, large logs and charcoal. Solid Fuel means no spillage and less chance of accidental ingestion. Works brilliantly in fireplaces and anthracite stoves!



The small briquette provides cooking heat for on average 1 hour, while the large briquette provides cooking heat for on average 2 hours. Briquettes can be used in Iziko stoves or any other commercially available braai (barbeque) units or stoves with sufficient airflow.